• Tutor 8

  • “If you do not believe you can do it then you have no chance at all”. With this quote from Arsene Wenger in our minds, Tutor 8 aka Tutor9 69 kicked off their first ever futsal game at X. To describe our team in one line, Tutor 8 is a team of diverse misfits with ambitions bigger than the size of their opponents. And yet, our team plays with maximum energy while having fun! What separates Tutor 8 from other futsal teams is that we have fun in the face of adversary. Our spirit of never giving up and enjoying this beautiful sport has given us victories that were hitherto undreamt of. This team is known for cheering for their players while nutmegging the opposition, but also for cursing Peter while attempting a fake shot facing an empty goal. While the aspiring aerospace engineers of the team bring a tactical mindset to the game, Bhushan plays for his five minutes of fame before he has an asthma attack on the bench. Meanwhile our dear Captain Kai makes sure to give a strategy discussion/speech before every game, which I believe works wonderfully more times than often. Needless to say, this team manages to get an honorable shoutout from the club’s Technical Head at the General Members Meeting to improve their team chemistry on the field instead of off the field. Nevertheless, it is quite fascinating to see how players who come from different environments, living completely different lives to their fellow comrades, and who have barely seen the rulebook, come together once a week to play their hearts out on the field.

    By Bhushan Gaonkar

  • Team indeling

    Bruninx, LouisTeamspeler
    Elbracht, LucaTeamspeler
    Fatas, LucasTeamspeler
    Gaonkar, BhushanTeamspeler
    Gouwerok, TwanTeamspeler
    Lugtenburg, TimTeamspeler
    Moerenhout, KaiTeamspeler
    Noordam, RensTeamspeler
    Peta, DavidTeamspeler
    Rafiq, YasirTeamspeler
    Rancaño Martinez, MateoTeamspeler

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  • Programma

    8 dec. 19:305e klasseTutor 8 - ZVV Den Haag 32TU-Hal (Delft)
    13 dec. 21:305e klasseDSVP 2 - Tutor 8DSVP (Pijnacker)
  • Uitslagen

    20 nov.ZVV Den Haag 32 - Tutor 815 - 4
    24 nov.Tutor 8 - SEP 15 - 3
    30 nov.RKDEO 3 - Tutor 85 - 2
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    1ZVV Den Haag 3210100087315630
    2Oliveo 21070380394121
    3DSVP 21062260372320
    4RKDEO 41061347371019
    5ZVV Den Haag 341051468383016
    6ZVV Den Haag 301051462342816
    7dvv Delft 695043346-1315
    8Vitesse Delft 41043352341815
    9Vitesse Delft 3105054548-315
    10Wippolder 2104242527-214
    11RKDEO 394053342-912
    12Tutor 8102173455-217
    13SEP 1100192472-481
    14Oliveo 31000107117-1100

    Poulestanden Tutor 8 ( Mannen Zaal beker recreatie 1e ronde Groep 1 2 )

    1MVV '27 11100163133
    2FC Westland 91100133103