• How can I subscribe for FC Tutor?

      Fill in the interest form and the secretary will contact you.
      Click here for more information.

    • When are the trainings?

      The selection teams train on Monday and Wednesday.
      The other teams train on Wednesday.
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    • When are the games?

      The home games are on Friday and the away games are mostly played on Monday or Wednesday

    • How do I know in which team I will play?

      At the open trainings the board members will find you a suitable team. 

    • How many teams does Tutor have?

      FC Tutor has 11 men teams and 1 women team.

    • In which league plays Tutor?

      The first team plays in the Hoofdklasse and we have teams in all other leagues, from the 1st league to 5th league.

    • Is there more than Futsal at FC Tutor?

      Yes, the Activity Committee organizes multiple activities during the year. Like drinks, BBQs and game nights.