• About FC Tutor

    Welcome to the only futsal club for students in Delft!

    FC Tutor is the one and only student futsal club in Delft, with around 150 members that come from all over the world. The members are both students and alumni from TU Delft. At FC Tutor, you can play at various levels. In the season 2023-2024, FC Tutor has 8 men's teams and 2 women's team. The first team plays "Topklasse", the highest regional futsal level of The Netherlands. The other teams play at different levels. During the season we try to find the right level for every player! 

    If you're new to football it is also possible to learn to play futsal as a training member. Training members are more than welcome to join our weekly training sessions. If you have more experience and you have the motivation and skills to play on the next level you can try out for our selection teams. We are very happy with our selection trainer Nuno Pereira, who played and coached in futsal at high level in Portugal and who will put in his best efforts to improve your game!

    The TU Delft's sport centre (also known as X) is the home of FC Tutor (Mekelweg 8, Delft). Here, the trainings take place on Monday and Wednesday evening. The home matches are most of the time on Friday evening. After these matches, players of several teams come together for a drink in the Sportscafe. Away matches are usually played on Monday or Wednesday evening. Your weekends will always be free!

    Beside futsal, FC Tutor organises some other activities, such as a membersday and of course some amazing drinks! You can also join one of our fun committees, see our committee descriptions below. 

    If you want to know more then feel free to email your questions to board@fctutor.com or contact any of the board members using the contact information below.

  • Board members

  • Chairman

    Ioan-Cristian Oprea 


    +40 726 039 217

    For general questions and to have a nice chat you can contact the chairman.


  • Secretary

    Coen Pothof


    +31 655 057 784

    For questions about membership and matches you can contact the secretary.

  • Treasurer

    David von Sydow


    +31 630 747 771

    For questions about the Tutor kit, partnerships and contribution you can contact the treasurer.

  • Technical Affairs

    Fedor Perelaer


    +31 626 203 706

    For questions about trainings and selection related affairs you can contact the technical affairs.

  • Committees

    Last year, the board was assisted by the Activity Committee to connect the members of FC Tutor and to show them a good time outside of the futsal field. This committee organised several activities during the year and with that it was responsible for new friendships between Tutor members of different teams. If you are interested in how to organise and promote activities, how to work in teams and if you want to learn more about the management of a student sport club, make sure to contact one of the boardmembers! Also, if you are interested in joining the board next year, the activity committee is a nice place to get to know the club, their members and to improve your organising and communciation skills.

    The Yearbook committee is responsible for capturing special Tutor moments throughout the year and making a book to reflect on the season. They take pictures and write about events and important matches. This is the first time we are doing this committee so we are looking for some enthusiastic people to join.

    The Media committee works closely together with the yearbook committee. They are responsible for creating content around match days and activities!

    Finally we have the BATA committee which is responsible for organizing the participation in the Batavierenrace each year! The batavierenrace is student relay race where you go through day and night from Nijmegen to Enschede. To end the weekend with a big party on the campus of the unifersity of Twente!

  • ACSIE committee

    Bloemendaal, Jensvoorzitter ACSIE
    Bouman, sempenningmeester ACSIE
    Manson, JipSociale media ACSIE
    Pothof, CoenQQ ACSIE
  • Futsal

    Futsal is an indoor variant of football played on a hard court smaller than a football pitch. Matches are played between two teams of five players, one of whom is the goalkeeper. Furthermore, futsal is played with a small and hard ball with a reduced bounce. The small pitch, the ball and the amount of players combined favour ball control and passing in small spaces. Futsal games are full of action: in two halves of only 25 minutes end scores of 7-5 or 9-6 are no exceptions.

    If you would like to visit one of FC Tutor's games to experience futsal, you are welcome to watch one of our teams on Friday nights! Please check the match schedule on the home page.